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Online marketing has the capacity to generate billions of ad impressions, millions of page views and drive millions of dollars in sales.

Most businesses need help with any marketing endeavour, whether through the creation of an in-house team or outsourcing to a marketing agency. A performance marketing agency will provide qualified customers to clients across a broad range of industries by harnessing the potential of the best performing digital ad platforms. Campaigns must be designed for a specific client having regard to their industry, products and services. An online marketing plan will identify, engage and deliver many new and highly motivated customers to the client.

"That is the technical explanation of online marketing but without context, the process is hard to understand."

One real world genuine customer that we helped was a property marketing business. Not a developer and not a suburban real estate agent but a business that promotes property as a legal tax minimisation option. The business worked with creators of new residential apartments in Melbourne with a view to recommending them to people who wish to buy investment property.

Our task was to promote the business as a reliable and conscientious supplier of advice about property and as a source of property that was not available on publicly viewable real estate sites.

We created many articles about the suburbs in which the off market property was located to capture the interest of buyers looking to source property in areas where the agency had properties for sale. The articles were linked to from social media sites so as to gain traction from shared conversations among people who were interested in a suburb and or property in that suburb.

Those articles, together with social media posts delivered countless requests for information about real estate that was not listed publicly.

Our client then turned many those leads into sales worth millions of Dollars. That campaign concurrently delivered many buyers who chose to seek finance from the purchase of a property, to our client who to this day probably receives trailing commissions from home loan finance sources..

That ongoing campaign was founded on well written content that was placed on high traffic niche websites, sites that were constantly indexed by Google and amplified by social media transmission.

Marketers should look to direct their advertising investment into human networks, in that way, people in communities or special interest groups become the "cyber word of mouth" amplifiers of a marketing message.

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